Don Gallo


Don Gallo

At Don Gallo we only work with the BESTS COFFEES IN THE WORLD, so all our coffees are called special or specialty coffees.

Specialty coffees are a small part of the world coffee production, between 2 and 3% of total production, are coffees with exceptional organoleptic characteristics that are classified and punctuated by different international systems and protocols. In this way we can make a great differentiation between specialty coffees and commercial coffees.

Our philosophy

From the grain to the cup, Don Gallo Café focuses all its efforts on the quality and traceability of the product, as well as honesty throughout the process from the farm until it reaches our customers.

It is important to highlight the great work of producers who strive to offer us their best grains, carefully selected so that we from our roastery put all our know-how and our passion in the roasting.


Our roastery

Our coffee is roasted by our roaster master with the highest technology, developing the best profiles so that we can appreciate the best aromas, flavors and aromas of this wonderful drink.

All our coffees are 100% arabic, specialty, seasonal and freshly roasted, so only you can appreciate all the nuances that we offer the highest quality coffee.