Don Gallo Café offers its services to the Horeca Channel, Companies, gourmet or bio stores.



From Don Gallo Café we offer a comprehensive service to your coffee shop, hotel or restaurant. Increasingly it is necessary to differentiate ourselves from our competition and offer the customer the best product, only thus we achieve the fidelity of our clients and the success in our project. A drink so consumed and so essential in our business must be very careful and be of the best quality. From our roastery we will serve 100% arabic and specialty coffee, fresh and freshly roasted.

  1. Advice on the appropriate equipment according to your needs.
  2. Training your personnel from the beginning, both in the treatment of the product and in sales and customer service.
  3. In addition if you are thinking about opening a business related to coffee, we offer a comprehensive consulting service for the development and start-up of the same.
  4. You know, a satisfied customer always comes back!
  5. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.